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Do you have any queries about our offerings? How do our products stand out, or what makes our services the go-to choice for your needs? Don’t hesitate! Dive into the details with us. Whether it’s a question about specifications, how we can tailor our solutions to fit your unique situation, or where to start, we’re here and eager to help. Ask away, and let’s embark on this journey together to address your needs and exceed your expectations. Your curiosity fuels our dedication to providing top-notch service and innovative products.

Why are your products more expensive than DIY epoxy kits at Hardware stores?2024-01-16T01:44:49-08:00

The DIY kits for sale often have a high failure rate due to improper installations. To have any coatings stand up against moisture, weather, UV, wear and tear, vehicle traffic, chemical spills, and foot traffic, proper prep work, paired with quality products, is a must! Concrete grinding with appropriate dust extraction is the ONLY way to prepare any job and ensure a proper bond to any surface. This preparation process is one of the biggest reasons DIY kits fail after the first year. The kits recommend washing with water to prepare the surface, which introduces unwanted water into the concrete. After the product is installed, any water in the concrete will evaporate, causing certain de-lamination.

How hard are these products to clean?2024-01-16T01:51:28-08:00

Light soap and water are all that is needed. It is important to avoid solvents or any harsh chemical products. These coatings are 100% seamless, so a simple broom is often all that is needed to keep floors clean.

Do these coatings need to be re-sealed?2024-01-16T01:53:26-08:00

No, most of our installations are 100% complete and require zero additional coats in the future. Situations that require re-sealing are typically exterior decorative concrete. Sealers used in these situations wear away over time from the harsh conditions they become subjected to. Re-sealing concrete should be done every 4-6 years but varies from job to job.

Do you warranty any of your installations?2024-01-16T01:54:57-08:00

Yes! We offer a 15-year warranty on many of our installations. A Warranty Certificate is a part of the final bill and includes the exact start and end dates.

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